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7 most popular engagement rings on Pinterest

As you’d expect, there are fair few sparklers among them

7 most popular engagement rings on Pinterest

When it comes to trends, Pinterest is a hive of easy-access information; you just need to look at what’s being pinned the most!

We’ve already seen the most popular wedding dress on Pinterest, and have had a sneak peek at the biggest fashion trends for autumn.

Now, Pinterest has revealed the most popular engagement rings, and as you’d expect, there are a fair few sparklers among them.

From rose gold bands to blue sapphires in the style of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, here’s a look at what’s trending in the world of engagement rings.

Rose Gold Bands

Rose gold bands teamed with diamond stones are extremely popular, with stylist and reality TV star Lauren Conrad's ring hailed as 'the dream'.

Round Cut Stones

This 'graduated double prong pavé diamond engagement ring in platinum' is leading the way for more rounded stones.

Cushion Cut Stones

Cushion cuts (a square shape with rounded corners) are still going strong, with this one leading the pins.

Halo Rings

From classic diamonds to coloured stones at the centre, halo rings (where a central stone is surrounded by a 'halo' of smaller stones') are extremely popular.


Perhaps inspired by Kate Middleton's engagement ring, which previously belonged to Princess Diana, brilliant blue sapphire stones are still going strong.

Oval Stones

Idea for those who prefer delicate jewellery, oval stones come with a certain elegance. This ring already has a huge following.

Teardrop Stones

Another great shape for those who prefer smaller stones, this teardrop (or pear) shaped stone comes with a delicate charm.

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