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George on recycling for charity

Charity Newlife resells our surplus stock and all profits go towards disabled children and their families

George on recycling for charity

Here at George HQ, we're very big believers in doing our bit for the environment.

'Our corporate companies are an important part of changing that child’s life'

Whether it's reducing our packaging use or sourcing more sustainable cotton for our clothes – sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. 

Which is why since 2008, we've been donating any surplus clothing stock to Newlife – a charity dedicated to helping and improving the lives of disabled children in the UK. 

How does this work? 

This means that instead of sending any unsellable clothing items or damaged goods to landfill sites, we box up the products and send them to Newlife in the hope they will be resold or reused in another form. 

At Newlife's centralised warehouse, they assess the items they can resell, cut all the labels out to make sure there are no fraudulent refunds, and pop them on sale at one of their seven stores

There, 100% of every penny raised is used for equipment to change a disabled child’s life.

The CEO and co-founder of the charity, Sheila Brown OBE, told us: 'Our corporate partners care about the planet and they care about the people, and working with Newlife they can really put that plan into action.

'Every time you put those unwanted products in a box, put a label on and send it to Newlife, it starts a journey that will make a world of difference. 

'With the stock that we can reuse, the income from our stores really changes children’s lives.

'Every day we hear the stories of families who are desperately trying to cope while having to battle to get the equipment they need.

'Without Newlife they would simply go without.'

What if the products can't be reused? 

If a product is unable to be resold or reused in its current form, the team at Newlife send product off for raw material reclamation, to make sure we both honour the energy that's gone into making the product in the first place – meaning there's no waste! 

Jade Snart, senior sustainability manager at George says: 'Not only is Newlife a fantastic charity that helps support many families in a time of need, they also help support us by processing a percentage of our customer returns.

'This gives us that vital feedback on where we need to improve and enables us to strengthen our quality credentials which in turn ensures you get the best value for money in every purchase you make.'

According to Newlife, across the UK, there are now around one million disabled and terminally ill children. 

Thousands of which rely on Newlife to get the equipment they need as the charity is the only fast track equipment service in the UK helping those children in urgent need.

Sheila explains: 'Children become disabled for all kinds of reasons.

'From birth, cancer, accidents, infections – they have to deal with that disability every single day.

'It matters that our children get the equipment that they really need. They should never have to suffer, they should never have to go without. We need to do all we can, to make it better for them.

'So our corporate companies are an important part of changing that child’s life.

'Newlife wants the best for disabled children. I know together we are going to change the lives of many disabled children and their families.'

So far, Newlife has helped more than 22,751 children in the UK and more than £15 million has been spent on medical research by newlife, to understand vital answers to questions like ‘why me?’ and ‘why my child?'.

Newlife - the charity for disabled children

To donate to the cause click here or find out more about the charity by visiting here