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We are sourcing: Our journey so far

We are sourcing: Our journey so far

Style, quality and great value for money are just three of the credentials at the forefront of our fashion brand here at George at Asda.

As part of our stance on quality, we work closely with our supply chain to make sure the people behind our products are treated fairly, with respect, and work in safe and healthy environments. 

Whether it is zips being sewn onto our trousers or sleeves added onto our shirts, we take our responsibility seriously.

One of the ways in which we do this is by monitoring working conditions and providing training for suppliers.

As a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative - which is a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers' rights around the globe - we are committed to improving conditions within our fashion supply chain, setting expectations for our suppliers through our Standards for Suppliers and using audits to help ensure these are being upheld.

The history 

While we are committed to improving conditions within our fashion supply chain for all workers, we have a particular focus on women.

In 2012, Walmart launched its 'Women in Factories' training programme, a five-year program that helped female factory workers take part in leadership training, as well as learn critical life skills including communication, health and safety.

This programme supported and empowered female factory owners and women in factories to lead and encourage more diversity within their supply chain. 

To continue this great work, in March 2019, we announced a new priority focus area in 'Responsible Sourcing' to promote the dignity of women. 


We are also committed to transparency in our supply chain and as such, we disclose our factory listing so you can see who and where we make your George products.

We are very proud of the working relationships we have built within our supply chain, and that we have a transparent list of factory sites on our Sourced by George website and have done so for more than 5 years.

We are one of the few retailers to also list our 2nd tier sites, which includes additional processes carried out such as printing, embroidery and where products are dyed and washed.

To support these relationships, our teams travel extensively to visit our suppliers.

In fact, our team visited one of our key partners in Vietnam this year, whilst our new AW season must-have coat (shown below) was being sewn. 

These relationships along with transparency and communication are key to driving George’s culture of trust and we are committed to continual improvement in these efforts. 

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