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Did you know George has a premature baby range?

From sleepsuits to bodysuits and everything in between

Did you know George has a premature baby range?

Giving birth can be a nerve-wracking experience and even more so if your baby is born prematurely.

"Sometimes clothing their baby is the only thing some mums can do to help when their little one is in specialist neonatal care"

According to baby organisation, Tommy's - who fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth - around 60,000 babies are born prematurely each year in the UK alone. 

So to help make the first few stages of your little one's life as easy as possible, we at George have created a Premature Baby Range.

Our Baby Team said, "We felt there was a definite need in the market for affordable premature baby clothing. Mums felt taken advantage of as they said premature baby ranges were so expensive and so hard to get hold of with limited choice on offer. 

"At the time most retailers only offered a small range online and the customer would have to wait for delivery which is not convenient. 

"We wanted to make it more accessible and affordable for our customers and allow them to purchase in-store like any other mum of a full term baby could."

Tailored for babies born before 37 weeks, the 100% cotton range - which includes bodysuits, sleepsuits, jackets and hats - was developed with specialist neonatal nurses, midwives and mums and start from just £3. 

Available online, all products open out flat for ease of dressing and come with popper fastenings - which can be used to secure drips, leads, and monitors in place, if needed. 

Premature Baby Range George information

The flat seams of the products are designed to lie flat against your baby's body and all clothing can be washed at 95 degrees.

This comes after George colleagues visited St Thomas' Hospital in London and spoke to neo-natal midwives about the needs of premature babies and the special considerations they should think about when it comes to their clothing.

The team also held focus groups with mums who had given birth before the 37 weeks and the challenges they face when it came to buying for and clothing their little one. 

Premature Baby Range George

Our Baby team said, "Sometimes clothing their baby is the only thing some mums can do to help when their little one is in specialist neonatal care, being looked after by midwives around the clock.

"We felt it extremely important to be able to bring this normality back for them and offer it as part of our range at the same prices as our main range products in stores located near to neo-natal hospitals. It is a service to our customers.

"We found from our research that there was a need for clear and easy-to-understand sizing, which is why we have created 3 sizes in our range."

Sizes start from 3lb and go up to 5lb. 

'A step towards normality' 

But don't just take our word for it! The team behind the range has had 'overwhelming' firsthand feedback from customers too. 

Customer Shona told us, "My son Jaxon was born on the 16th of February at 26 weeks and 5 days weighing just 1.58lbs. He now weighs just about 2lbs. I bought him the smallest size vests and tried it on him yesterday. With the help of his nappy it fits him. This for me is progress. A step towards normality."

While Lucy told us, "My friend Lou had her baby, Wilson, at 26 weeks. Lou sent me a message saying how easy it was to pop in to store and pick up some prem garments, the fact they are labeled in lbs and kg made it really easy to get the correct size and the other ladies on the unit all agree. They are by far the best prem garments and are so easy to pop on and off."

And Jenny emailed us to say, "I have recently been shopping for my best friend who has given birth to premature twins. When I began looking for baby clothes I discovered that everywhere I went, their tiny baby range only started for babies at a weight of 5lbs. I also noted that they all did up at the bottom which of course is completely impractical for a baby that size or smaller because they are likely to need hospital treatment which drips and wires which are normally at the front.

"I was completely disillusioned and couldn't believe that nowhere catered for this market, until I found George. I wanted to say what a wonderful, practical and appropriate range it is. I was so relieved to be able to get the twins clothes that they could wear now without getting in the way of their medical care. It really is fabulous. Thank you very much."

The range can be found in Colchester, Norwich, Eastgate, Derby, West Bridgford, Crewe, Eastleigh, Poole, Plymouth, Longwell Green, Gloucester, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Old Kent Road, Grimsby, Doncaster, Sheffield, Swansea, Asda Living Manchester Fort, Asda Living Durham, Asda Living Newport, Asda Living Belfast, Asda Living Leeds Crown Point, Asda Living Bradford, Asda Living Rotherham, Linwood, Govan, Toryglen, Kirkcaldy, Bridge of Dee, Edinburgh, Arrowe Park, Livingston, Asda Living Dartford, Milton of Craigie, Wakefield Durkar, Hamilton, Asda Living Wakefield, Sefon and Asda Living Teeside. 

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