George to collaborate with Jeanologia using EIM software

George is striving to reduce the environmental impact of denim produced

George to collaborate with Jeanologia using EIM software

George is teaming up with Jeanologia in a bid to improve the environmental impact of clothing produced through using EIM software – an environmental impact software designed to be used by garment producers (so that they are able to understand the environmental impact that the clothes we produce).

From AW20, 57% of the denim made by George will be environmentally measured through the EIM scheme. George is also committed to increasing this figure and working with suppliers to support them on this journey.

How does the software work? Well, it measures 4 factors that are key in garment production: the water consumption, energy consumption, any chemicals used and the worker health in the facilities making these products. George is committed to supporting these considerations.

Through this scheme it is then possible to give the facility a low, medium or high rating in terms of their impact – which, in turn, helps factories to understand how they can improve their rating and reduce the effect of the environment through their processes and equipment.

Advances in technology and innovation mean that there is a variety of equipment and machinery through businesses like Jeanologia, who created the EIM software. That means much less impact on the environment, versus the traditional methods of production. For example, using lasers to distress jeans rather than the traditional method of manual or chemical treatment to create this design. Or, advanced methods of creating washed effects using steam and bubbles without the need for traditional chemicals or water discharge.


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