We’re supporting girls in football!

And 13-year-old campaigner, Olivia Hancock is helping us

We’re supporting girls in football!

Fan of football? Then you'll love the new top we've specially designed to champion women in the sport. 

To help create the slogan tee, ‘Supporting our girls’, we had the very trusty help of 13-year-old Olivia Hancock. 

The rising star, who recently made a speech in Budapest at the #WePlayStrong panel event ahead of the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final, is campaigning for equality in women's football and aims to kick sexism out of the game.

She told us: 'The shirt is really cool, I love it so much. Football tops like this, that are made for girls and women are a start in helping to get equality in women's football. I'm really happy George at Asda has done this - I'm really thankful for this.'

George at Asda create top

Olivia started playing football when she was just four years old - a couple of years after attending an Exeter City Football Club match.

She said: 'I love football because it's a rollercoaster journey of emotions. Some days you win, some days you lose and some days you draw.'

But since playing the sport, Olivia has encountered some very unpleasant situations, including being punched by a boy and verbally attacked by parents on the sidelines. 

Talking about the incidents, Olivia said: 'They were really horrible experiences. I remember feeling really sad. I just think no matter if you're a girl or boy, you should be treated as equals.'

Undeterred by her experiences, Olivia has started a campaign to try and introduce girls' football into every primary school across the UK. The campaign has earned her the support and respect of celebs, politicians and footballers including New Zealand's Katie Rood. 

She said: 'I'm campaigning for equality in Women's Football and that all primary schools have girls' football teams. It's key that girls have the same oppourtunities as boys and so they don't feel left out and isolated.'

The rising star has created a Go Fund Me page to raise money in order to create two DVDs. One of which would be shown in primary schools and the other would be to educate adults, parents and families at home. 

Olivia Hancock

On her page she writes: 'I have played the game since I was 4-years-old. Like many girls, I have had sexist abuse from boys - and even some parents – simply for being a girl playing football. As if football should only be played by boys! 

Her DVDs will specifically show how anyone and everyone can get involved in the beautiful game. So far Olivia has raised just under £700. To help her get closer to her £5000 target visit here

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