Holiday checklist: The best suitcases for your summer travels

From cabin bags, to wheely big bags!

Holiday checklist: The best suitcases for your summer travels

Whether you're jetting off for some sun, sand and sea or heading further afield for a long adventure - appropriate, sturdy luggage will ensure that you can pack without worrying about weight, size, and not having enough sun dresses. 

But with the size and weight restrictions on luggage varying between airlines, it can be hard to pick the best suitcase for you. Luckily, our range has all kinds of suitcases to meet every travellers' needs.

From cabin bags, which are the perfect size for weekends away, to lightweight suitcases which are easy to lift off the travelators - getting your luggage right is an important and underestimated factor of your getaway.

Here's a lowdown of some of the niftiest bags to help you fit all your new holiday buys in like a pro. 

Oversized Suitcases

Heading abroad for more than a week? Lucky you. You'll be needing a large suitcase. According to Holiday Extras, maximum weights for you baggage fluctuate from 32kg to 40kg but this depends on the airline and if you are flying on a short or long haul journey. So it would be best to double check this with the airline you are flying with. 

If you are preparing to take a lot of items, then this 26inch suitcase is perfect. Coming with extra pockets, it will fit everything in (apart from your kitchen sink)! 

Hardsided luggage

If you're travelling on a plane and checking your bag into the hold, a hard sided case won't get as squished and bashed around... Enter, this silver case which comes with an ultra strong embossed hard shell. 

Lightweight cases

Always get charged for going over your weight allowance? This suitcase weighs just over 2kg (the average weight of a medium suitcase is 5kg) - meaning you can pack more without the worry of being charged a fortune at the airport. 

Carry on luggage

Heading on a quick trip? Then you'll need a compact bag which meets aeroplane requirements. According to The Telegraph, the recommended world standard for luggage allowed in the cabin is now 55cm x 35cm x 20cm. This is the exact size of this smart design which comes with external pockets - making getting to your possessions whilst on the flight even easier. Or, if you want to follow in the footsteps of the EasyJet cabin crew, this lightweight case, which they use, is approved for on-flight use and makes the most of size restrictions for maximum packing space.

If bright and colourful is for you

Arrive at the airport without any hassle with useful features like compartments, wheels and bold coloured designs so you can spot yours instantly on the conveyor belt. This cabin size printed case is lightweight, comes with a 10-year warranty and has a pretty amazing beach design on the front. 

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