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How to make your denim last longer

That favourite pair of jeans will keep on going with these handy tips

How to make your denim last longer

Where would we be without jeans? Possibly the most versatile garment out there, jeans can be dressed up or down – worn with hoodies or sparkly tops, sneakers or heels. Suitable for the office (depending on which industry you work in, of course), they really come into their own on the weekend. And, of course, they look great. Find that perfect fit and you'll be able to repeat-buy the same jeans when the time comes, for as long as you need to.

This is why there is something particularly disappointing about discovering a hole, tear or faded patch on that favourite pair of jeans. The good news? You can avoid wear and tear pretty easily, by following a few simple tips…

Wash occasionally, not often

Any advice to do less laundry works for us! Like jumpers, jeans should be washed sparingly, to lengthen their lifespan. As for how often you should wash them? It depends on the season, how frequently you wear them, and how dirty they tend to get. As a general guide, wash them once a month to keep them smelling – a cold cycle will be best for preserving your denim. Of course, the same applies to denim dresses, shorts, dungarees or jackets. Finally, when you do wash those jeans, don't forget to check the pockets!

Turn them inside out 

An old, tried and tested trick? Turn them inside out before washing, to minimize abrasion and fading. This also helps to prevent the dye from running – always wash with similar colours just in case though!

Use the right detergent 

Use a detergent specifically for coloured clothes, rather than anything 'brightening' (which is better for whites).

Avoid tumbledrying where possible 

Allow your jeans to dry naturally, to save them from that hot tumbledry cycle (which can impact the stretch in your denim). Another tip? Hang your favourite pair of jeans when you're not wearing them, which will help them keep their shape.

Don't overfill your washing machine 

Although it may be tempting to squeeze as much into one laundry load as possible, your clothes could suffer for it. Give them enough room to spin freely, without getting all tangled up (this also helps prevent zips from snagging). When the cycle has finished, get your jeans out as soon as possible, to avoid any annoying faded wrinkles.

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