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How to know you’re wearing the right bra

From perfectly fitting cups to a back strap that doesn’t move, here’s how to know you’re wearing the right bra for you.

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How to know you’re wearing the right bra

We’ve all been there; struggling with a rising back strap, yanking at pinching cups and tugging at wires determined to dig in. So how do you find the right bra size and shape for you?

With the right bra, the straps shouldn’t dig in or leave red marks on your skin

Of course, getting the right measurements are essential, but it’s also worth considering the shape and style of your bra. If your breasts are fuller on the bottom than the top for example, a half-cup bra can be more flattering than a full-cup.

Luckily, our George lingerie experts are well versed in the hunt for the perfect bra. From an underband that won’t budge to cups which actually ‘cup’ your boobs comfortably, here’s how to know when you’ve found The One.

The underband is flat

Also known as the back strap, if you’ve found the right size bra the underband will lie straight and smooth across your back, pressing against your skin without pinching. If it does dig in, the back measurement you’re wearing is too small. A good test is to try sliding two fingers inside the underband, if you can’t fit them in, try going up a size. Likewise, if the underband is rising up at the back - try raising your arms and moving around to really test it - then you need a smaller back measurement.

The straps shouldn’t dig

The straps are there to give the underband a helping hand, rather than to take on the full weight of your boobs. With the right bra, they shouldn’t dig in or leave marks on your skin, and shouldn’t fall off your shoulders either. Ideally, you should be able to slide the straps off your shoulders fairly easily without losing too much support.

The front should lie flat

The centre front of a good bra should lie flat against your sternum (breast bone), without digging into your boobs. If you can see that it’s lifting away from your skin, it’s likely that your cup size is too small. Try going up a cup size and also down the back measurement scale.

The cups are smooth

The right size cup is above all, comfortable. There shouldn’t be any ‘side boob’ spilling over the sides, and your boobs should fit in the cup without bulging over the top. If you can feel pinching under your arms or notice any bulging, try a bigger cup size. If the cups seem to be wrinkled however, or you can see big gaps between the bra and your skin near the top of the cup, it’s likely you need a smaller size.

The wires don’t dig

If an underwired bra is digging into your skin and boobs from under your arms, it’s often the cause of a too small wire pushing your boobs forward. Try swapping the bra for a different style, until you find one that ticks all the boxes.

The shape is flattering

Balcony, plunge, strapless, full-cup, half-cup; not every bra shape works for everyone. While it’s a good idea to keep trying on lots of different styles in the right size to find what works for you, another great tip is to pop your clothes back on while testing a new bra. Look at the shape of your boobs in a mirror from the front and the side, to see if it’s flattering and giving you the profile you want.

How to find your bra size

The George team can help you find your perfect bra with an expert fitting in store, but to find your measurements yourself, you’ll just need a mirror, a measuring tape and this handy step-by-step guide.

For extra bra tips and more advice from the George at Asda team, watch our handy bra fitting video!