Suitcase with overflowing packing

VIDEO: How to pack 25 items into a carry-on suitcase

Hate packing? This might just change your life...

VIDEO: How to pack 25 items into a carry-on suitcase

One of the worst things about going on holiday is figuring out what to pack and what to leave out, especially when all you have is hand luggage and limited packing space. Well worry no more as a video has been posted online of a revolutionary new packing method that might just solve all your packing woes.

In the video posted on Facebook page Anacleto, the mystery woman expertly fits more than 25 pieces of clothing into her carry-on luggage without using either of the most popular methods for packing: folding or rolling. Already watched by almost 10 million people, the technique has been hailed for its original approach to something that has frustrated most of us at one time or another. Ready to have your mind blown? Check out the video below:

So how does she do it? 

1. In the video the woman begins by laying out all of her long sleeved jumpers and tops, alternating the direction but with the sleeves placed on top of each other.

2. She then adds t-shirts in the same way, before moving on to trousers. For this she lays them out flat along the sleeves, again altering direction.

3. Lastly, she adds socks and underwear into the middle of the bundle, before beginning the folding process.

4. In order to create a perfect package, she folds each of the items tightly around the underwear bundle one-by-one, taking plenty of time to smooth down any creases. 

5. The woman is left with a bundle of clothes that sits neatly inside a carry-on size suitcase.


While it certainly looks impressive, the bundle doesn't seem to include any shoes or toiletries, so if you're a fan of those (who isn't?) you might need to add them into the middle also, or risk bringing another bag.

Do you have a better method? Let us know by using #goodliving on social media. Did you know you can pick up all your holiday essentials from Asda – from travel insurance and money to sunglasses and sun lotion?