How to style jeans for every body shape

This season, it's time to celebrate the power of denim

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How to style jeans for every body shape

Live in your jeans? Yep, us too. Why? Because this style staple is the go-to for comfort and instant chic. And if you get ones that fit in all the right places, they can make you feel fiercely confident.

The good news is, George has denim that ticks all the boxes. Whatever your shape or style, we believe you should feel incredible in your jeans. Scroll on to see five women who are working George’s new denim collection. Jeans for every shape? Yeah, you can thank us later.

The long and short of it

Aamito wears the Paperbag Jeans. She says:

"I own lots of denim. It’s definitely a wardrobe staple of mine because it’s super comfy and one of the few fabrics you can wear all year round. I also love the way denim accentuates my long legs. With a high-waisted pair like this style, it makes them look even longer.

"I grew up in Uganda and was raised with lots of male cousins, so I’d always be wearing their bigger, baggier and longer jeans. Even today I love relaxed-fit jeans. The ones I’m wearing feel stylish and they outline my silhouette without giving too much away. They give me confidence. Even with trainers, they’d still look cute."

In good shape

Zahra wears the Boyfriend Cut. She says:

"In the 1990s I had a Barbie denim jacket and matching bootcut jeans – and I loved that co-ord.

"My style and figure have changed a lot since then. I have big hips and a small waist, and I’m proud of my pear shape. It can be hard to find the perfect fit, but these boyfriend jeans make me feel amazing. They have the perfect amount of elasticity, yet they show off my waist. It’s a double win. And the rips are right up my street, too. To style these jeans, I really like putting on a pair of heels. The end result is sophisticated!"

Short and sweet

Georgie wears the Original Skinny Blue. She says:

"When you find the right pair of jeans, you’re on top of the world. And I like how jeans can make you look sexy without even trying. In jeans I feel powerful, but the problem lies with finding the perfect fit. I have a small frame, so when I find a great pair, I tend to buy three.

"As a teen, I used to wear skinny jeans all the time so I have loads of them. Now I wear my denim with T-shirts or a vintage blouse to give it a cool 1970s vibe."

The bottom line

Felicity wears the Ultimate Black Skinny Jeans. She says:

"I’m a really body confident woman and I’m a triple threat when buying jeans. I have boobs, a belly and a bum! I’ve had a big bum my whole life, so when buying jeans I know what I want, and I want a stretchy, skinny and high-waisted fit.

"I love how my bum looks in a good pair of jeans, and this pair feels like a comfy cuddle. They’re ticking all the boxes of what I like and they’re black, too, which is a staple in my wardrobe. I’m always wearing black jeans with a leather jacket, platform boots and gold hoops. It’s like I’m channelling Sandy from Grease."

Perfect fit

Nicky wears the Jegging. She says:

"My love for jeans stems way back. I must have been about 16 when I had a Saturday job in an Italian jeans shop. Back then, the denim was rock hard and you didn’t have the wide selection you have today. Nowadays, you can buy any type and style of jeans you want – from high and low-waisted to bootcut and skinny. It’s fantastic. I have jeans with pearls on the side, embroidered ones and denim in every colour under the sun.

"I normally wear low-waisted jeans because I find it makes my stomach look flat. These stretchy skinny jeggings do the same. The waistband covers my problem area, but they still feel comfy and trendy. But most of all I feel confident, which makes me happy."

Discover George's full range of womenswear - designed with every age and body shape in mind - online or pop into your local store.