How to wear double denim

We speak with Terry Barbrook, executive editor of Good Housekeeping, on why sometimes the best thing to wear on denim is… more denim!

How to wear double denim

Most of us can recall those much-parodied, early noughties shots of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake sporting matching, all-denim ensembles – but we can safely say that double denim has come a long way since then.

What could be cooler (not to mention comfier) than a black denim jacket with pale cut-offs and white sneakers? Mix up washes, shapes and lengths for a foolproof, double denim formula.

If you needed more convincing, we've quizzed below Good Housekeeping executive editor, Terry Barbrook, on how he tackles the trend:

'I grew up in the 80s, so I’ve seen a fair amount of double denim in my life.

In the world of fashion, what goes around comes around, which is why now, in 2020, the dual denim trend is back. And this time, it’s cooler than ever.

What makes double denim so wearable these days is there’s so much choice.

Casual jackets and smart shirts; relaxed-fit jeans or more slim-cut styles; light denim, dark denim. It couldn’t be easier to pick a look that works for you.

I can dress quite casually for the office, so jeans and trainers are my go-to work wardrobe.

Adding a denim jacket in a contrasting shade of blue over a simple white T-shirt takes it up a notch and makes it feel a bit more dressy. If I have an important interview or meeting, I might swap the trainers for brogues...

Little styling tricks here and there can also elevate your all-over denim look.

My favourite way to wear a denim jacket is with the top one or two buttons done up: you get a little glimpse of the top underneath and you can pop the collar up, yet it still feels relaxed.

Double denim makes mornings easier.

It takes all the hassle out of deciding what top or jacket to wear. A couple of pairs of jeans in two different shades of blue, a denim jacket, denim shirt, several neutral T-shirts and sweaters and a top in a vibrant colour make up the ultimate capsule wardrobe for work or play.'

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Inspired to try out the double denim trend for yourself? Shop mens and womens denim collections online, or pop into your local store.