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Introducing the First Walkers shoe collection

Little feet deserve the best, which is why we’ve created this shoe collection for tiny toes

Introducing the First Walkers shoe collection

Choosing your baby’s first walking shoes is a special milestone in both their life and yours. 

Whether they’re crawling, pre-walking, or taking their first steps, each miniature stride and tumble in the big wide world can mean only one thing: they’re ready for their first pair of shoes.

Here at George, we believe little feet deserve the best, which is why we’ve created our very first shoe collection specifically designed to help tiny toes develop with every step.

Our new range is made to support, protect, and improve their walk from a young age – and make those first steps count. 

Comfort is key 

Our First Walkers collection features everything your little one needs to assist with their walking development. Our shoes are crafted from a range of premium fabrics including real leather to soft mesh, which in turn, allows your baby’s feet to breathe comfortably, stay cool, and prevent any unwanted friction. What’s more, each shoe comes with an adjustable fastening, offering a superb grip as your baby continues to learn how to walk. 

Movement and flexibility 

Little feet are busy feet, so whether they’re attempting to climb a mountain of stairs or take their first stroll in the park, it’s vital that their first shoes allow plenty of movement and flexibility for any activity they’re engaging in. Our First Walker range is designed with lightweight and supple soles which offer superb grip, allowing you little one to move at their own pace as well as prevent traction and slipping as they walk. 

Find their fit 

Your little one's tiny feet will begin to grow faster month after month, so we’ve made it easy to find the perfect fit with our fabulous range of shoe sizes. Our sizes range from 3-9, so whether you’re looking for their very first pair of trainers, sandals or boots, we’ve got the latest styles and designs that are crafted to grow with them!

D is for design 

That's right, this range has design at the forefront! For example, the First Walker White Trainers features comfy soles and elasticated laces. They’re the perfect sporty pick for your little one when they’ve got an adventure ahead of them. Alternatively, we have a range of stylish sandals like these First Walkers Dalmatian Print Slingback Sandals which feature a two strap and hook and loop tape fastening strap around the ankle for easy dressing. 

And what about the cooler months? Don't worry, your little ones can also enjoy these months in style with our collection of boots. Prepare their tiny toes for splashing in the mud and puddles with these magical glittery flamingo design wellington boots. They’re crafted with additional padding and flexibility in the soles to help stay comfy whilst they learn.

So, whatever their personality, there's a shoe made for them!

Feeling inspired to shop our First Walkers range? Head over to George.