Kaz Crossley in George at Asda bikini

Kaz Crossley talks sun, sea and swimsuits

The former Love Island star has put her own spin on our latest collection and picked out her favourite pieces

Kaz Crossley talks sun, sea and swimsuits

Stunning swimwear in stand-out designs can only mean one thing: summer is here!

And we've invited make-up pro and former Love Island contestant Kaz Crossley to style up the new collection by George - and put her own spin on it. 

'I love summer', Kaz says. 'I love the sun and being tanned and I love the fashion. The new George summer range is very me. It's got lots of bright, bold colours with statement prints and patterns - it's my style all over'.

From style icons to fashion trends and her favourite picks from George’s new summer collection - we grilled Kaz on everything. 

How would you describe your style? 

My style is all about wearing bold colours, statement prints and being different, but still sexy. During summer, I feel more fashionable as I love maxi dresses, long skirts and two pieces - but they’ve got to be bright, colourful ones. The new George summer range is very me. There’s lots of statement prints and patterns and the collection has really bold colours throughout. It’s my style all over! 

Do you have a favourite item from the collection? 

Yes! This printed maxi skirt because I love the pattern on it. It reminds me of being on holiday. I would style it with a plain, tight crop top, a red or orangey lip, chunky earrings and a matching headband. If I was going to dress it up, I’d wear the matching top with my hair curly, some natural-looking make-up and some cute heels. 

Who are your style icons?

I look to celebrities like Rihanna and Bebe Rexha for all my style inspiration because they always make a statement. The way Bebe dresses, in particular, is very bright and she always looks like she is dressed for the red carpet. I also look on Instagram at influencers to see what they’re wearing. 

Bikinis or swimsuits?

Bikinis are more me, plus, you get a better tan! I like all bikini styles but I really love bandeaus like this coral-coloured one because of the bright colour. I think it’s perfect for summer. If anything, I just really like my bikinis to match. I never mix and match them. 

What trends are you loving this summer? 

I love the neon trend because I’m such a fan of colour. I recently wore a lime green outfit and although I’d never worn that colour before, I loved it as I think the shade really suited me. I also like the utility trend - like boiler suits because it’s an easy outfit win. I wore one the other night, but I got so hot in it because it was fake leather. Luckily, I had a crop top underneath so I could unbutton it. 

Describe your holiday wardrobe…

It’s full of maxi dresses. They’re my favourite item because they are so easy to wear - you don’t want to wear lots of tight clothes when you’re hot! I just love being free. Summer dresses, like the orange maxi dress or watermelon-printed maxi dress, are what I’ll be wearing this summer. I’d just pair them with simple flip flops and a bag. 

Any tips for packing your suitcase?  

Give yourself enough time to pack! I once went travelling and packed in an hour and had nothing to wear. Ha ha!

Any summer accessories you couldn’t live without? 

I love my headbands. You can see in these pictures I’ve almost always got a headband on. People know to expect me to wear a headband. 

What are your summer beauty essentials? 

Anything that glows - things like highlighter or bronzer are essential items to have in your holiday make-up bag. With a tan, I feel like you don’t need a lot of make-up, but items that make your skin pop and look glowing are key. Lip-wise, I would always have a lip balm or lip gloss to keep them moisturized. In the summer it’s not really about piling the make-up on. It’s more about complimenting the tan you have and adding a pop of colour here and there. 

Any tips for staying in shape over the summer?

I’m always in shape over summer because I’m always outside - either running or training in the park. I also do HIIT and I love doing Muay Thai because you get to let out all of your frustration, plus it tones your arms. If you’re lacking in motivation, my tip would be to train with people. It’s a great motivator. Also, go to a class – you’ll meet new people and want to keep up with everyone else! 

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