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Refresh your workout: Michelle Heaton shares her fitness tips

Get fit this New Year in style

Refresh your workout: Michelle Heaton shares her fitness tips

The sports luxe trend has been huge on the catwalk – but now activewear is hot on its heels.

To help inspire us to get fit this New Year busy mum, singer and TV star Michelle Heaton’s has shared her top tips for getting active and looking amazing at the same time.

She said: “As a busy mum, I sometimes wear gym stuff all day, so it has to look cool, feel good to the touch and be durable and comfy.

"I think wearing brightly coloured clothing can lift your mood.

"Plus if you’re in a large exercise class, it makes it easier to spot yourself in the mirror and correct your positions.

"Wear the right sports bra for the exercise you do.

"For yoga, I wear a bra that leaves me free to more, then one with more support for interval training and weights.

"No time to work out? Find ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. You don’t have to do it all in one go – you could try lunges as you can vacuum then star jumps whilst you’re watching TV. A few mini-workouts a day will add up." 

Motivating yourself to get fit can often be hard when there are a million and one other things that you've got to do in the day. So how exactly does Michelle do it?

She said: “One of the best ways that I stay motivated is by leaving my gym equipment out so that I can see it. So it's always in my trail of thought - no excuses!"

And what about getting that stomach you’ve always dreamed of? Well, according to Michelle you can achieve this in the comfort of your own home whilst watching TV. All you’ll need is an exercise ball and a wall. 


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