#MyTeam: The story behind the PJS

We asked three families in-particular tell us which festive traditions get them into the Christmas spirit every year

#MyTeam: The story behind the PJS

The inspiration behind these beautiful PJs is #MyTeam. Whether friends, neighbours or colleagues, the people you spend time with this Christmas are the people who mean the most to you. That’s what it means to be in #MYTEAM.

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without those magical traditions we do year after year. To celebrate the new sustainable Christmas pyjama range from George, we teamed up with many amazing families and their team – from Content Creator, Coral Golding to The Epstone family (including dog Serge). We asked three families in-particular tell us which festive traditions get them into the Christmas spirit every year... Here’s what they said:

The Harvey-Thomas Family

‘We give the boys a Christmas Eve box that usually contains new pyjamas, a DVD, some chocolates and a Christmas book,’ says the Harvey-Thomas’s. ‘That evening, we then get our duvets on the sofa and watch the films the boys had in their boxes and drink hot chocolate with cream and cookies. ‘Jonny is a big kid – everything has to be perfect and magical so that the boys will remember it forever. It’s all about the smiles on their faces – that makes us happy. Our soundtrack has to be Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, because all we want is our family.’

The Epstone family

This year is very special – it’s baby Dylan’s first Christmas! Our favourite family traditions begin on Christmas Eve when we usually have a small pre-Christmas party, a few friends, lots of fizz and some delicious food cooked by his grandad, Glen,’ says the Epstone family.‘Seafood is normally on the menu, and you will usually find us dancing in the kitchen until the early hours, ready for Christmas Day. Dylan’s mum Holly gets the most excited for Christmas – when she was little, she’d always take her stocking that Father Christmas had filled into her sister Sophie’s room in the night.’

The Yvadney family

‘We all love Christmas! The kids’ excitement is infectious and it’s such a special time of the year,’ says the Yvadney family. ‘I put wrapping paper over the doorway to the living room, so the children have to smash their way in. It’s a silly way to start the festivities. I love our Christmas wreath – it’s huge, and sets the mood when you step in the door. And I have baubles made by the children when they were toddlers with lots of glue, glitter and sequins – so special.’

The Golding Family

‘We absolutely love going for a walk on the beach every year after opening the presents and before all of the eating commences! It’s so lovely seeing so many people out with their families and so many generations all together.’ Says Coral. ‘I (Coral) definitely get the most excited about Christmas for sure! Making sure that its only Christmas playlists on in the car and the house for the whole of December to get us in the mood - My favourite soundtracks - anything that even mentions the word Christmas.’