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Nude heels to suit every skin tone? Yes please

Struggling to find your perfect nude? Look no further

Nude heels to suit every skin tone? Yes please

Ever tried to buy nude coloured anything? If your answer was yes, then you’ve most likely struggled to find the right kind of nude to match your skin tone.

Whether it’s nude coloured tights, nude underwear or even nude coloured shoes -  if your skin colour doesn’t fit into that beige or tan scope, then unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

Well, until now that is.

Thanks to Kahmune, a new British fashion brand, you can now match your skin colour to its perfect nude as a range of heels in 10 different shades are set to be launched in March.


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The founder, Jamela Acheampong, offers two different styles of shoe including a classic heeled pump and a simple sandal style.

The brilliant idea was born late one night back in February 2016 after Jamela noticed that she was unable to find nude products for women with darker skin tones.

“It's time all women have ‘nude’ products that celebrate the diversity of the human complexion,” the website states.


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“It was in that moment that Kahmune was visualised as the immediate solution to the age old fallacy that ‘nude’ refers to a specific colour.

“We're proud to be one of the few high-end labels offering a product that caters to all women.”

The shoe colours, which are matched with popular foundation shades to help you pick the right one, start with the colour ‘Juba’ at the end of the spectrum.


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This colour matches with MAC’s NW58 tone, L.A. Girl’s Dark Chocolate, and Black Up’s foundation in Teinte 18.

The rest of the collection includes colours to suit people with copper-coloured skin, caramel complexions and goes right through to those who have porcelain-coloured skin. 

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