Spring Showers: 5 Smart Style Tips For Rainy Days

Your bank holiday wet weather wardrobe

Spring Showers: 5 Smart Style Tips For Rainy Days

If past bank holidays are anything to go by, this weekend is set to have its fair share of downpours. But that shouldn't mean staying in all day (unless you want to of course, we've got plenty of recipes and activities to keep you busy). You can still go out to meet up with friends or hit the shops with clever rainy day outfits that will keep you dry and looking fab.  

Forget the wellies and broken umbrellas – get inspired by these rainy day outfits that manage to be both sensible and stylish. From head-to-toe, these chic looks are classics that won't ever go out of style. So go on,  don't let a bit of rain ruin your plans. Here's how to navigate the rainy weather in style...

Bright colours

Inject a bit of sunshine into your day, no matter what the weather is doing! Opt for cheerful colours, like reds and yellows, that will brighten up even the greyest and rainiest days. But there's no need to go head-to-toe in bright pink - try donning a colourful top or vivid accessory instead.  

Lovely layers

The key to successfully navigating our country's fickle spring weather is investing in light pieces that can easily be combined and layered. So when a dismal rainy morning turns into a beautiful sunny afternoon, you can simply peel off a few layers and soak up the sun. Think light scarves, pretty cardigans and thin jackets. The right lamount of layers will help you look - and keep - cool this (probably) rainy weekend. Just don't forget to pack a brolly...

Cover your head

Does your hair frizz up in the rain? Or perhaps it simply lies flat against your face? Either way, a snazzy hat is the answer to your bad hair day woes. It needn't be rubber or coated, even a felt hat can be surprisingly effective against the rain. 

Terrific trenches

Avoid the drench with a trench! Trench coats are a classic and with good reason. Both practical and polished, trenches will cover up and protect your outfit, and they're usually pretty waterproof. Beige is traditional but there's nothing wrong with donning a brighter colour! 

Embrace the heel

Putting on a pair of heels isn't just an easy way to dress up your look but it's also a great idea for rainy days. Rain-proof heels will keep your trousers or long skirts off the ground, thereby keeping fabric dry. Just don't go for the ultra high stilettos - you don't want to slip!

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