How to dress like royalty, no matter the occasion

We look back at some of Her Majesty's most fashionable looks

How to dress like royalty, no matter the occasion

In more than 60 years of dressing in the public eye, Queen Elizabeth II has never put a (stylish yet sensibly clad) foot wrong. A true style icon, Her Majesty always looks impeccable and the epitome of refined elegance. 

How is it that the Queen manages to get it right every single time?

How is it that the Queen manages to get it right every single time?

The secret lies in a few simple yet effortlessly stylish looks that Her Majesty turns to again and again. And the best part (apart from the fabulous jewellery, obviously) is that these styles actually do translate from royal fashion to the masses. 

In honour of her birthday, we’re looking back at some of the Queen's most fashionable looks through the decades in order to learn how to turn outfits out the royal way. Because, quite frankly, who doesn’t love a practical shoe?

The Monarch of Tonal Dressing

The Queen's signature look is without a doubt a striking outfit in one colour, head to toe – including a matching coat and hat. Forget sombre blacks and dismal greys, Her Majesty's hues of choice include vivid greens, bright yellows and cheery reds. She really does favour a reign-bow of colours (sorry...).

Country chic

Even the Queen's off-duty wardrobe oozes style and is instantly recognisable. Colourful scarves, tweed skirts, quilted jackets and cosy knits are her rural go-tos – the essence of British country chic. In fact, fashion powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana once created an entire collection based on the Queen's country look. But as the Queen has proved time and time again, one can be chic and comfortable and her royal fashion picks for the country are never complete without a pair of sturdy loafers or practical wellies.

Matching accessories

Of course we can't all match our tiaras to our necklaces (if only!), but that doesn't mean we can't learn a thing or two from the Queen's penchant for co-ordinated accessories. Whether it's white gloves and shimmering pearls or a purple brolly to match her hat, Her Majesty knows that matching accessories are the perfect way to complete an outfit.

The 'It' bag

As iconic as her brightly-coloured hats, the Queen has favoured West Midlands-made Launer bags since the 1960s. Although she typically opts for classic black, the company saw a 60 per cent increase in sales after the Queen wore a gorgeous cream version to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding!

But Her Majesty isn't the only Launer devotee: the Duchess of Cornwall carried one of the bags at her wedding to Prince Charles, while dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are also fans. Her Majesty's devotion to the Launer design is clear, but what we want to know is – what goes into the Queen's handbag?

Luxe fabrics

The Queen only opts for the finest of fabrics, ensuring that they are light enough to not weigh her down during official engagements but also wrinkle-proof so that they don't crease when seated. But luxurious gold dresses and accessories don't always have to cost the earth! For the Diamond Jubilee concert, the Queen frugally wore a beautiful gold dress that was made from fabric already lying around the Palace. How thoughtful!

Practical pumps

No-nonsense mid-height block shoes aren't just a firm favourite of the Queen, they're also this season's must-have! Her trusty loafers have been a staple for decades, usually in sensible goes-with-everything black. Although the Queen's shoes are always 'walked in' by Palace staff, this practical pair are ridiculously comfortable even without your very own shoe wearer to break them in.

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