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The best sportswear for every activity

Jogging, pilates, swimming, ballet or boxing – whatever your sport, George has the gear

The best sportswear for every activity

Maybe you're a long-time runner, a gym-class addict, a weight-lifting aficiando, a yogi, a kick-boxing champ, or a keen swimmer – or perhaps (like us) you're still figuring out which sport suits you best.

Whatever you choose to do to get that heart rate going, make sure you have the right clothing. This is where George comes in: need trainers, leggings, running shorts or a hoodie? Don't sweat it (or, actually, do). Get your hands on a few of these sportsweat must-haves and you'll be champing at the bit to get to the gym.


Leggings or capris with a sportsbra and loose t shirt is the go-to look for yoga or pilates. The sheer comfort-factor of this women's outfit should make it easier to haul yourself to that after-work yoga class.



For evening jogs or runs, this men's neon t-shirt is perfect – motorists and cyclists will see you coming! It is also crafted with wicking fabric, which pulls moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. The grey joggers, meanwhile, are perfect for running – but equally suitable for slobbing out in on the weekend.




Gym work-out

Mixing things up in the gym? Whether you're working up a sweat on the rowing machine, flexing those muscles in the weights room or immersed in a spot of kick-boxing, a good sportsbra is an essential. If you're brave enough, flaunt those abs and wear it as a top with these matching bottoms.




If hanging out in the pool is more your bag, stock up on a couple of good swimsuits (or swim shorts) so that you always have a clean, dry one in your gym bag. And don't forget your swimming cap – most public pools will require you to wear them.

Must-have accessories

You can't do much without a pair of trainers, so they ought to be the first thing on your shopping list. Helpfully, George sells both men's and women's sport shoes. 


Make sure you have all the basics, too - that includes trainer socks, a bag, and a cosy hoodie to wear to the gym. Better yet, invest in a smart black rucksack that will take you from work straight to the gym. Now, what are you waiting for?


Feeling inspired to workout? Check out George's workout wear online or pop into your local Asda store to see our full range of fitness gadgets.