No one can work out what colour these flip flops are

It's the dress all over again

No one can work out what colour these flip flops are

Back in February 2015, the whole word was asking itself: blue and black or white and gold? 

For a couple of days, it was all about 'the dress'. 

Well, just when you thought it was safe to go back on Twitter, it seems it's happening all over again - this time with a pair of flip flops. 

On Thursday night, Falsiane, a Portuguese Twitter account, posted a photo taken in a shop of a pair of flip flops, along with the question (in Portuguese) 'What colour do you see?'

As we saw with the dress, the colours in the photo have been distorted. The amount of light in the background means our brains can't actually determine what colour the flip flops are - gold and white, blue and black, or even grey and blue. 

People are already debating it on Twitter. Of course. 

Others are convinced they are black and blue. 

Some think blue and grey.

And most people just really don't want to go down this road again.

For the record, the manufacturers Havianas have confirmed that the flip flops are actually dark blue and blue. 

But, what colour do you see?