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The season’s biggest coat trends according to Pinterest

Inspiration for those yet to find their perfect new winter coat.

The season’s biggest coat trends according to Pinterest

Choosing your new winter coat can be a lengthy process - do you go for the hottest new trends? Stick with something similar to last year, or focus on the style that’ll ultimately be the warmest?

With the British winter prone to lingering, you know you’ll be wearing your coat for months to come!

With the British winter prone to lingering, you know you’ll be wearing your coat for months to come, so it’s wise to give the decision due thought.

While we’ve got tons of great coat ideas in the new George collection, Pinterest is also proving to be a handy tool in predicting the biggest coat trends of the year.

From what other women are searching for to the pins and images they’ve saved, the social network is a hive of fashion and style inspiration.

So to help you choose the right coat for you, we’ve rounded up the most popular trends currently charting on Pinterest, with some great styling tips to boot. Ready for a winter wardrobe makeover?

Military Coats

From army inspired khaki to longer fitted coats lined with buttons, lapels and pockets, military style coats have seen a 70% increase in popularity on Pinterest over the past month.

Love the look? As well as keeping you warm and cosy, military style coats tend to fall on the smarter end of the spectrum, making them a great option for work and evenings out.

Classic Coats

With 42% of Pinterest users currently searching for a classic winter coat, styles like the timeless camel coat are enjoying another season in the spotlight.

Perfect for teaming with workwear and casual looks alike, the camel coat is a brilliant investment, as you can literally wear it anywhere and with anything.

This classic George coat fits the bill perfectly.


The smart and casual coat for everyday layering

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Velvet Coats

With crushed velvet textures hitting the runways this season, the fabric has seen a 68% rise in popularity on Pinterest, with many looking for velvet trim coats and jackets to help them nail the trend.

Ideal if you’re looking for a smarter pull-on, velvet could also replace your fuzzy or faux fur coat from last year - just remember to have an umbrella handy!

Floral Coats

The perfect antidote to grey and gloomy weather, coats sporting floral prints have jumped by 43% in Pinterest popularity over the past few weeks, with increasing numbers of people looking for a flowery alternative to traditional winter coats.

If you’re not a lover of the colder months, a floral coat could help lift your spirits. Take care when opting for colourful prints however, as you’ll want to pick something that will coordinate with what’s in your wardrobe.

Bomber Jackets

The prospect of chilly weather isn’t dampening the bomber jacket trend at all. Though already hugely popular, searches and saves of bomber jacket styles have continued to climb by a respectable 32% over the past month, with more and more of us planning to rock the look through the autumn and winter.

The key to making the bomber jacket trend work through colder weather is to look for puffed and lined styles - some even have cosy fur trims, then layer your way to warmth. We love a chunky cardigan under a bomber, for warm winter style.

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