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This Is How To Avoid Online Shopping Fails!

Fed up of having to return clothes that don’t fit or look different in the flesh? Follow our expert advice to make every purchase a hit

This Is How To Avoid Online Shopping Fails!

Online clothes shopping can be a minefield; from knowing which size is going to fit you without hitting the changing room first, to how different fabrics will feel and fall in real life, there are plenty of choices that can feel like a gamble.

If you’d rather kick back and relax on the sofa while you shop, follow these steps to avoid online shopping fails for good

But, if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, there are gains to be had with shopping online too. No queues at the check out for one, and no hot and sweaty changing rooms either!

So if you’d rather kick back and relax on the sofa while you shop (our favourite way to get some retail therapy!), follow these steps to avoid online shopping fails for good.

Know your measurements

Clothes sizes vary from brand to brand, but each site should have an online sizing guide where you can see the exact measurements in centimetres or inches for each size. If you’ve got a note of your waist, bust, hip, shoe and height stats to hand, you’ll be able to order the right fit every time.

Get to know fabrics

Look at the labels on your favourite items hanging in your wardrobe, and get to know how different fabric types feel and fall when you’re wearing them. If you know the difference between lighter and heavier material types, you’ll have a better idea of how garments online will look in real life.

Measure your favourite dress length

If a dress or skirt you already own is the perfect length, take a measuring tape and note down the length from shoulder to hemline (for dresses) or waistband to hem (for skirts). You can then use this as a benchmark when shopping online, checking the measurements of potential new garments in the ‘details’ section.

Look more closely at shapes

Take a closer look at the clothes you already own and love - are there shapes, cuts and styles that keep cropping up? Look for similar cuts in the garments when you browse online, and they’ll be far more likely to be a hit when they arrive at your door.

Take note of the model

If the garments you’re looking at online are being modelled, take care to note the differences in height and body shape between yourself and the women in the shot. Some shopping sites give details of what size the model is wearing and how tall she is, so that you can get a good idea of what the item will look like on you.

Look at the care notes

Often, if an item is dry clean only for example, it’ll be flagged up in the garment details box. If you rarely have time to hand wash or dry clean clothes, it might be worth browsing for an alternative item that you can pop in the washing machine.

Save and edit your wish list

While you’re still browsing, add everything that takes your fancy to the ‘save for later’ or ‘wish list’ basket. Then when you’re done looking around, you can give everything a second look over and edit out the things you don’t like, before parting with any cash.

If there’s no ‘save for later’ function, use the shopping basket in the same way, but remember to edit, edit and edit the list again before you pay. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re not physically holding everything you plan to buy!

Check the returns policy

Most online shopping outlets offer a free returns service, but the date period in which that is valid can sometimes vary from the standard 28 days. Make sure you check the details of the returns policy before you buy, just in case you do need to send something back.

Sign up for newsletters

Once you’ve got a list of your favourite places to shop online, it’s worth signing up to their email newsletters. Not only will you be notified when new season styles drop in, but you’ll also be the first to know about sales and discounts that can save you plenty.

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