How to look great on the beach without going on a diet

Forget juice cleanses - there are more fun ways to get beach-ready this Summer...

How to look great on the beach without going on a diet

Instead of spending days, weeks or even months on some miserable self-imposed diet or cleanse, consider more fun shortcuts to looking and feeling good on the beach this summer. Whether sprucing up your wardrobe with some colourful accessories, investing in a flattering swimsuit or taking the time to give yourself a fresh mani/pedi, here are a few frivolous fastrack ways to get ready for that holiday...

Bronze Age 

It's often said that a tan can instantly make you appear slimmer, and right before a holiday is the perfect time to get that fake base coat on. Make sure you read our guide to applying fake tan properly so that you're not left with streaky legs or patchy elbows.

Skin prep

Before you layer on the fake tan, get your skin exfoliated, waxed and buffed to perfection. Try to start a basic regime a few weeks before you go away (for example exfoliating and moisturising twice daily) and make sure you book your wax a few days before your holiday to give your skin enough time to calm down. 

Nail it

Much like a fake tan, a mani-pedi will give you an instant boost of confidence when strapping on those sandals for the first time of the year. Try to squeeze in a quick DIY pedicure with the latest summery varnishes.


Make sure you venture off on holiday with all the beach essentials - a new bag, sunglasses, hat and a good book. And don't forget beach towels - the brighter the better!


Suits you

One-piece swimsuits, like the one pictured below, are flattering, skimming over any lumps and bumps. Sporty coastguard (or 'Baywatch'-inspired) cozzies are in fashion right now, but there are plenty of other styles to suit any shape. And if you would rather wear a bikini, get an idea of what style will work best before going shopping - check out our guide

Body confidence 

It sounds corny, but nothing beats confidence for looking good on the beach. Relax and enjoy the moment: laugh, swim in the sea, have an ice cream - you're on holiday, after all. Read Asda Good Living contributor Giovanna Fletcher's musings on body confidence here.


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