Start the New Year with George’s brand new gym wear

Whether you’re a weekend stroller, gym-goer or yoga fan, up your activewear game with George’s stylish and functional sportswear range

Start the New Year with George’s brand new gym wear

If you find your energy levels flagging in the New Year, consider investing in some comfy and cool gym gear – it might be exactly what you need to get motivated, whether you're a running fiend, yoga-addict or, like us, just enjoy a bit of athleisure.

With that in mind, check out George's stylish and practical new gym wear collection, modelled by face of the range, pro-surfer (and ex Love Island contestant) Laura Crane...

The weekend stroller

Sportswear is no longer just for the gym. This breathable tee and elasticated leggings do double duty.

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T-shirt, S-XL, £6; ultimate yoga pants, S-XL, £10


The gym-goer 

Get up to speed with a lightweight vest, sculpt-and-tone leggings and super-springy trainers. 

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Vest, 8-24, £6; Crop leggings, S-XL, £10; Active trainers, 3-9, £12.50. 


The yoga bunny


Make a statement in this killer colour combo. Relaxing your mind, body and soul has never looked so good! 


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Sports watch, £20

Bralet S-XL, £6

Leggings, S-XL, £10




Check out our whole George gym wear range online or pop into your local Asda store