The Good Living forecast: 10 trends we predict will be huge in 2017

Your cheat sheet to the hottest fashion, beauty, food and interiors trends for next year

The Good Living forecast: 10 trends we predict will be huge in 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, it's time to say goodbye and hello to a new and exciting 2017. After a tumultuous year, the good news is that the future looks bright - and we're not just talking about the wall colours.

Want to know what's in for 2017? We've rounded up some of the hottest trends across beauty, fashion, interiors, food and more that we predict will be HUGE next year. From a purple fruit (well, vegetable really) that will be popping up everywhere to a beauty look that's as flattering as it is easy to achieve, here's what's in store for next year. Discover ten 2017 trends you'll love below...

African cuisine

We already love tucking into Asian food, whether it’s a spicy curry, warming dahl or crunchy stir-fry, but next year we predict that African gastronomy will take centre stage. African food varies greatly across the continent but bold flavours and aromatic spices are staples of this exciting cuisine.

Spicy sauces made with groundnut oil and chilli are common in Nigeria while starchy cassava is a staple of the Ghanaian diet. Northern African cooking methods often include tagine, an earthenware pot that’s ideal for slow simmering whereas further south, a traditional al fresco ‘braai’ is a South African barbecued feast that shouldn't be missed.

Give this exciting and varied cuisine a go yourself with this West African chicken and peanut butter curry or a South African bobotie (pictured above). With so many delicious new flavours to explore, you're guaranteed to tantalise the tastebuds! 

The year of green

This year saw us bringing cosy throws, flickering tea lights and fluffy towels into our homes as we embraced the Danish 'Hygge,' - a way of living that inspires that warm and fuzzy feeling. Next year however, interior trends are all about making a statement. Pantone, the global authority on shades, has just unveiled its Colour of the Year for 2017 and it's positively delightful. Get ready for 'Greenery'. 

This yellow-green shade will breath new life into your living room or kids bedroom. Evoking feelings of rejuvenation and fresh starts (something we all need after this year!), Greenery is a fabulous way to inject some colour and personality into your living space. Try painting a wall with this fresh colour, adding some plants to the kitchen, or to dip your toes into the trend, why not get a colourful new set of sheets? 

Chrome nails


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So shiny you can practically see your reflection in them, chrome manicures are next year’s coolest nail trend. While supermodel Gigi Hadid's super metallic and foiled look cost over £1,500 (really?), you can easily get the look at home for a fraction of the price with some silver polish and a mani set. A ton of money saved right there!

Statement sleeves

It started this year (with Duchess Kate even breaking royal tradition to give the daring trend a go), and this fashion forward look is only going to get bigger in 2017. From supersized numbers with ruffles to off-the-shoulder stunners, there are plenty of ways to wear next year’s statement sleeve trend. 

George were ahead of the game this year with this flared sleeve print topfloral cold shoulder dress and bright red cold-shoulder top - fabulous for a dinner party or night on the town.

Adventure travel

Forget relaxing by the beach or indulging in a spa break (although you should certainly do that too, if you can!), 2017 is all about adventure. In fact, Pinterest saw a 70 percent increase in adventure pins this year.

Whether you fancy going on an African safari, swimming with sharks in Australia, road tripping across the US or hiking up Ben Nevis with your family, step out of your comfort zone in 2017 for the holiday of a lifetime. Where will you find your next adventure?

Amazing aubergine

Forget boring kale and over-used avocado, 2017 is all about aubergine. Hearty enough to satisfy hungry mouths yet technically a fruit (who knew?), aubergine is a fabulous alternative to carb-loaded and meat-heavy dishes. So versatile, you can easily just grill an aubergine and enjoy as is, perhaps topped with some yoghurt and spice, or try adding to curries, salads, and pasta for a lovely depth of flavour.

Or why not make this humble purple veg (oops, we mean fruit!) the star of the show with a comforting Italian aubergine parmigiana recipe or pretty aubergine and bulgar wheat rolls

High-tech fitness

With technology becoming more and more advanced every day, is it any surprise that our fitness regimes are getting a serious upgrade? Get ready for workouts that are perfectly tailored towards your needs with brilliant smartphone exercise apps and wearable technology. Activity trackers are great for helping you reach your goals, while smartphone apps mean you can work out wherever you are (and without breaking the bank!).

Guess that means our old excuses for not going to the gym won't fly anymore! Check out eight fitness apps we love here

Low maintenance hair

This year was all about the lob (that's a long bob), rose gold hues and shaggy layers - styles that are both pretty and practical. And the good news is, the low-maintenance look is here to stay - phew! But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take advantage of the new year to reinvent your look.

Stay bang on trend by embracing your natural roots, adding choppy layers, and going for a shoulder-skimming cut (a great length to try if you've been toying with the idea of going for a big chop). When it comes to styling your tresses, no-heat hairstyles will be all the rage (like curling your locks with a loo roll - yes really!) and the classic top knot has been given a twist by adding in a braid. Simple yet stylish, what could be better than that?

Scandi living

From their minimalist design to gripping crime thrillers, is there anything those cool Scandis don't know how to do? Next year we won't be looking towards their cosy interiors as much as their work-life balance. 

Sweden recently introduced a 6-hour workday during the winter months, so that employees can leave work before dark, plus have more time to rest and recuperate. We may not have the same chilly, dark winters as the Swedes do but here's hoping that the UK embraces a healthier work-life balance too! 

Less meat and more veggies

Will you go vegan next year? A-listers like Beyoncé and J-Lo have dabbled in the diet plus an all-new vegan fried chicken shop is heading to London next month, so we predict that this is one foodie trend that's just getting started. 

Vegans follow an animal-free diet, meaning staying clear of all meat and animal products including dairy, eggs and even honey. But that doesn't mean that tasty food is off the table - try this vegan parsnip, fruit and nut cake and see for yourself. Hey, if it's good enough for Queen Bey...

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